At Allianz Global Assistance helping people is what we do best. It's in our nature.

Reaching Out, Giving Back

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the way we contribute to the community and society in which we operate to help have a positive impact on our community.

We have a CSR program called C.A.R.E which allows us to participate in volunteering opportunities, fundraising activities and donating to organisations who also provide assistance to those in need.

We have aligned ourselves with two excellent charity partners.

World Wellness Group – helping to achieve health equity for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Spinal Injuries Australia – helping to rebuild lives, promote independence and prevent injuries of the spinal cord.


C – Corporate: Understanding that as a business we need to help those less fortunate and those affected by life changes illnesses/diseases.

A – Allianz Global Assistance: Change starts with us.

R – Responsibility: Changing our frame of mind from obligation to responsibility.

E – Equality: Knowledge that we are all the same and it is all within ourselves to make changes happen.

Allianz Global Assistance Angels

Last year we took the time to give back to the community and help out our families, friends and community groups that may have been struggling through Christmas. 

And this year, as part of a global family, we want to make sure we keep our friends and families close to the heart of everything we do.

We now run a program year round, called the Allianz Global Assistance Angels where our employees nominate family, friends and community groups in need – making our employees Allianz Global Assistance Angels.