Health and lifecare

Health and lifecare

Life is full of challenges. We believe that the right support can make things a lot easier.  As a specialist assistance company, our universal approach to assistance—throughout the 35 centres we operate in 29 countries— is ‘how can we help?’

One of our strongest core competencies is being able to seamlessly and rapidly connect complex networks of providers with people in need.

Our dedicated medical, health and property assistance teams not only have professional skills and qualifications, they are adept communicators and they are accustomed to providing intuitive, emotional support to people in need.

What we offer

What we offer

We provide health, medical and property and assistance services:

  • in-home patient education and administration of medication by trained medical professionals

  • pharmaceutical patient support programs and product familiarisation programs
  • adherence programs—assisting patients with reminder services, education, encouragement and motivation
  • slip and fall management—risk prevention programs
  • health services including disease management and health information

  • home emergency assistance and repairs

  • home maintenance assistance

  • after hours insurance services.