Medical assistance

Medical assistance

We are a leading provider of emergency medical assistance.

Our global presence and our people—we have 13,224 people working in 34 countries—means we can always be close and connected to the people we are assisting. So you can rely on Allianz Global Assistance to provide a consistently superior level of care and service, regardless of the degree of difficulty or logistics involved.

Our human and technological resources ensure we are contactable 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our global hospital rating system 'Marco Polo' and our global and Australian medical assistance teams mean we have the best possible personnel and information to offer the best possible help.

We specialise in emergency medical assistance services including coordinating and conducting repatriation operations from anywhere in the world. 

We can arrange the emergency medical evacuation of seriously ill or injured people to the nearest recommended medical facility, by the most appropriate means of air or surface transport. 

Our highly experienced teams of doctor and nurse escorts are on-hand to provide the necessary medical monitoring and support services during the transfer process. We always ensure that anyone in our care and their families receive the utmost care, consideration and compassion.

Allianz Global Assistance can arrange the repatriation of an Australian or New Zealand citizen or non-resident to their place or country of residence. Our medical teams provide full medical support from hospital to hospital, or from hospital to the family home or treatment facility, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Marco Polo is our global hospital rating system, developed by us to assess the standard of medical facilities around the world. 

Our global teams of doctors evaluate facilities and hospitals and have built a photographic database of assessed medical facilities, audited in accordance with precise and objective selection criteria and consistent with global network scoring. 

Our database is continually reviewed and updated within each country and region to ensure we are constantly in touch with the best facilities overseas to care for people in need.

We also carefully select international agents all over the world to support our global teams of doctors and nurses in liaising with people in need and their families. These agents help us in dealing with hospitals and local authorities and in translating into English or other languages when required.